Saturday, 18 November 2017

JavaScript Spread operator

It’s official, the long wait is finally over, as ECMAScript 6 has been approved as a new standard. The anticipation for this approval has been running wild in the community for months, and years for others. While the evolutionary progress of the language was slow at first, the last few years have seen an incredible growth rate. A lot of developers and developer publications out there have started to write more concisely about the ES6 standard, and what kind of changes one can expect. The new standard is known under the names of ECMAScript 2015, ES6, and JavaScript Harmony.

PHP Libraries for Developers

These days, PHP is making a lot of buzz for being an effective server-side programming language for web development. PHP libraries perform a useful function of extending the core functionality of the language. A library is a vast collection of useful resources, such as pre-written codes, classes, values, message templates, configuration data and more. Currently, there are a bunch of PHP libraries that can execute web development with greater speed and efficiency. Here are listing down the names of 15 such PHP libraries that can aid developers in their projects. Alright, so here we go.

Video Streaming with NodeJS

Streaming small video files to HTML5 video with Node is easy what about big one, how streaming (any size) video files with node.js

5 handy JavaScript one-liners

5 handy JavaScript one-liners

How debugging remote node app that is hosted on server

Would you like to connect to your node server running in debug mode on AWS from your development machine, and be able to debug your app remotely. If You want to debug your NodeJS app running on server, then this is details instruction how to do this.

.NET Interview Questions with Answers: Senior Developers/Architects

Here is you find .NET Interview Questions with Answers. .NET Interview Questions mostly from Scott Hanselman website and other resources. I found a list of interview questions which should be known by .net guys at different levels.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Speech Recognition & Text to Speech in the Browser

This is an introduction to experimental Chrome APIs. With these tools, you can build your very own iOS Siri, Windows Cortana clone.